July 6, 2009

Your Sex

Your sex is scared
to go home
of what lies behind darkened doorways
where you decide to divulge
those undercover secrets
those under the cover regrets
where you tell me I am the best
but when your not lying
I am one of those regrets

Your sex is a windup toy
with no off switch
are you ever turned off bitch?
you gitter / shake / jive
stick your ass in the air
like I stuck quarters in a slutty pinball machine
and its giving me extra play

Your sex is a pair of new leather shoes
the creases have not formed yet
and neither have the crack
your just not as sexy
once I have you on your back
because your uncomfortable
you need a little wearing
my feet are too wide
and I don't want your sex by my side

Your sex is a house cat
always in the way
swinging your tail in front of the TV screen
when i am reading
you brush your head on me
scratching my leg
saying cum play with me

Your sex is a punk rock show
punched in the face
dizzy, spinning, disorientation
but when I cum too
I realize it was an empty escape
with your loud vocals
and face paint
your a sexual circus side show
and the next time your in town
I am not going to go

Your sex is a boxing match
and I forgot the combination
to knock your G-Spot out
do I jab jab left
and hook with the right
use my tongue to upper cut and stop the fight

Your sex is a pre-made frozen hamburger patty
from Costco
it tastes really good
when I am drunk and high and haven't fucked in a week
but when I read the ingredients
on the inside of your label
i don't know if I am going to be able
to keep down all your baggage *vomit*

Your sex is a pack of Marlboro Light's
easy to stick in a pocket
until your name buzzes on my phone again

Your sex is the last beer in the fridge
at the end of a lonely twelve pack
that I drink because I have already
made it this far
might as well push this
as far as it might go
on this San Francisco night

Your sex is a taxi cab outside my window
never waiting
but always
just around the corner.