April 16, 2010

kiNg With Attitude

Some of you have come
from great trials and tribulations.
Since the last time you heard from me
I've lost some friends.

But I am still at it,
Home of the drive-by's
and A.K.-matics.
Swap meets, sticky green
and bad traffic.

Some of you have come
from areas where your quest
for freedom,
has left you battered
by police brutality.

Fuck the police.


Go back to Mississippi,
Go back to Alabama,
Go back to CPT
(city of Compton)
Go back to the slums and ghettos
knowing the situation will change.

I'm sayin' this,
and I'm gonna get mine
and if you ain't down with Africans
in the United States,
if you ain't Down with
little black boys and little black girls
joining hands
with little white boys and little white girls
as brothers and sisters,
if you ain't DOWN
with the ones who suffer in South Africa,
and shit.

you need to step your

redneck//white-bread//chickenshit//mother fucking// punk ass

to the side,
and let us brothers
join hands and sing,

Free at last! Free at last!
Thank God Almighty, Free at last!