March 1, 2009

The Gap Between Them & Me

A chubby lawyer walking on market street – (his home) 6 months
= Crazy Charlie on the 28 + the stench of rotting sewer rats – any concept of reality.

A single mother of 3 – the tip you did not leave + credit card bills
= (old tattered Safeway bags + compost bins near resturants) facade of not starving.

[(Track marks) everywhere at Eddy/ Hyde] urinating on yourself
= (dockworkers + a recession) no other options.

Ethnic studies professor – tenure + budget cuts
= waking up to a beautiful sunrise in her car.

Student – a job at Starbucks – a job at McDonalds – a job at Modern Times – a job.
= Golden Gate Park (sleeping bag) + a half fifth of burbon.

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