January 18, 2010

being alive

I quit my job on Wednesday
drove to Reno with my best friend


counting boxes
for inventory;

counting stoppers
in a warehouse;

counting grain
on a pallet;

is unbeingdead.

Three times in a row
picking the horse that came in dead last;

stuffing towels under the door of my 22nd floor
suite for two and smoking enough pot to get 3-5 in NV;

paying for the room with the hotel’s money
after walking up to the craps table with a 20;

comped drinks while gambling means
Irish coffee at 11am/11:30/12 then switching to Heineken;

snow angles beside a gas station in Tahoe
because two kids from Texas don’t see snow very often;

playing children's games // better than children
and winning a trash bag full of stuffed animals;

yes bar-b-q'ed pork ribs can get better
just deep fry them in a light batter.

is beingalive.

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