October 9, 2008

How Long Will It Take

There is a song,

when put on the stereo I think



My ex-girlfriends house


smoking a joint

as the sun set behind us.


Sweating from the thermometer

105º for the past two weeks…

breaking records.


Stale sweat like a girls locker room with a dash of perfume

three dogs, and a guinea pig

dirty sex, twice

old cigarettes and unwashed sheets.


Awkward sex in passenger seats,

stuck emergency breaks and annoying shifting knobs

in a car too small for two…

but you sat by me anyway.


A cigarette cherry falling on my bare chest

leaving burn rings outlined by…

sloppy sunscreen application.


Stale hamburger buns

burnt and charred week old hot dogs

three drops of ketchup from a half used McDonald’s packet…

and drinking wine from the bottle.


Slamming espresso Shots

Sucking sweet cigarettes

Suffocating sloppy smooches.

Midnight movies at The Inwood

on Inwood road

at midnight

double feature Rocky Rocky Horror

what a combo – a one two punch to the…

wait, is that a sweet transvestite?


Laughing over coffee and cigarettes

for dinner

because really, that was all we could afford,


and leaving hungrier than I came

but, getting to see you;


reminds me of that song.

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