October 14, 2008

My Ocean Is She

Always rocking

Banging against

Cedar boards of my tiny

Dingy, stuck in the

Expansive ocean, on the verge 

Falling over board,

Getting swept up by

Howling wind leaving small

Incisions in my face from

Jagged salt air;

Kicking waves over my hull;

Laughing, as I tumble

Mashing my face into the wet deck.

No, she does not stop

Only howls louder,

Pushes harder on my shell-

Quietly I pray-

Raging storm

Spitting salty sea breath in my face as I

Topple overboard

Unable to keep my footing

Vision completely blurred as I strike the sharp

Water, the cold dark water,

eXacting her revenge on my body, unable to

Yell, swallowing water, drifting to…


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