October 9, 2008

“A poem is a petition / a petition is a poem”

I don’t want a poem

Flowing from a golden pen

Atop an expensive desk

In a high class East coast dorm room.


I want candles burning down

At 3 am as both Bic’s run out


Unable to write

Unable to light

Another dirty habit.


I don’t want poetry to be spoken

Hiding behind a podium like a politician.


I want idealists on bicycles

Shouting poetry from bull horns at pedestrians

While pounding cars and stopping traffic.


I don’t want poetry collecting names

At every street corner to win a fight.


I want poetry to block Market Street at rush hour

Orange jumpsuits, fake guns and bags over its head,

Just a simple protest.


I don’t want poetry

Full of stuffy language

Fluffy metaphors

And puffy pompous bull shit.


I want vulgarity/obscenity/sexuality

I want dirty sweaty car seats that stink

Of two day old KFC and sex.


I don’t want a petition :

   I want poetry

I don’t want a petition :

   I want protest

I don’t want a petition :

  I want participation.

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