October 23, 2008

WE (Collective)

21 / one year older than I (but will look 10 years younger in 10 years)
with hair
brown / reddish brown (like a ginger with a die job)
we live
in San Francisco / in a place ravaged by The Gulf (10 feet below sea level)
not fat
165 / 120 is pushing it (butt the curves are that of a Cadillac)
we study
poetry / the science of psychology (I hope she doesn’t diagnose me crazy)
we work
retail / in the womb of academia (and makes a damn good white Russian)
with eyes
brown / beautiful as a cold pint (poured on van Gogh's Starry Night)
who read
fiction / long hard-backs on disaster stricken regions (snooze)
who listens to
good music / ancient Indian chanting and Buddhist meditations (on vinyl)

who love
each other.

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